Debit Card Security

Important Information

In an effort to safeguard your account, we have systems deployed that monitor account activity for potential fraudulent transactions. Currently we have noticed an increase in fraudulent debit card activity at various merchant locations throughout the United States and have made the decision to place restrictions on certain signature-based transactions that present a higher risk of fraud at this time.

If you attempt or have attempted a signature-based debit card transaction that is declined and you believe that it is a direct result of these protective restrictions, please try your transaction again using the personal identification number (PIN) that was provided to you shortly after you received your card. If the transaction is still declined, please contact the Bank of Weston for assistance at (816) 746-4555 or (816) 640-5252.

If you are planning to travel, we request that you notify us before you depart so that we can make the appropriate notations on your account. This will aid us in the detection of fraudulent transactions and prevent us from possibly placing a restriction on valid transaction attempts. Additionally, it is usually best to carry an alternative method of payment as a backup.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these restrictions may cause but please know that we believe this measure is the best way to protect your account at this time.

Please contact us if you have any more questions regarding your debit card's security.